LaFibe Offers 50% Discount on Portable Folding Lightbox

LaFibe offers 50% discount on one of their newly released and best selling product items called Portable Folding Lightbox.

*First seen on Storify

LaFibe, a newly launched ecommerce store, offers a great deal of unique and cool items useful for both personal and commercial or business purposes. One of the best selling items is the Portable Folding Lightbox that has been hitting the attention of shoppers by storm.

Portable Folding Lightbox is basically a photography tool that can be used for a wide range of reasons from pleasure to business to experimental. It’s specifically designed to help business owners advertise and promote their products, but also extended to individuals for personal use. Since many people use Instagram and Pinterest these days, this foldable tech gear can be beneficial to everyone.

Moreover, this is an easy-to-use lightbox as you can simply fold and carry. Its versatility makes it a great accessory for professional and amateur photographers.

LaFibe’s photography lightbox has a built-in lighting system. This allows the user to capture clear objects even during night time. Lights in the room may be turned off since the lighting of this box is bright enough. Day or night, anyone can take photos without a lighting problem.

In addition to its embedded lights, the photo lightbox comes with two backgrounds – black and white background. Users can interchange the background depending on their needs. Not every item is well captured in all white background; some items are fully or partially white in color and they’re better photographed in dark or black background.

The good news for consumers is that they can get this photo lightbox at a 50% discount at LaFibe’s official website. While the promo is still available, don’t miss the opportunity!

For more information regarding this product item, go to this page.


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